About me

My full name is Thomas Eizinger and I am an enthusiastic and passionated software engineer. I live in Sydney, Australia and work for the TenX Research Lab CoBloX where we develop the COMIT protocol. Originally though, I am from Austria.

Almost a decode ago, I wrote my first line of code and to this day, I am still excited about creating software. Apart from that, I enjoy going to meetups and conferences for some inspiring discussions around architecture, decentralization, code design or APIs.

If you are curious about my work, check out any of the links in the footer. They point to various things like my GitHub profile, Medium page or Twitter account.

Oh yeah, and here is my CV.


Split your bills with ease!

Nobt.io is a free and open-source service that allows you to split bills among a group of people with ease. Try it and tell us what you think: hello@nobt.io


API Design in Distributed Systems: A Comparison between GraphQL and REST

In the year 2015, I graduated with distinction from the Software Engineering master's class at the UAS Technikum Vienna. If you are interested in topics like REST, GraphQL and APIs, have a look at my thesis.